Creating Troll Posts with Zuzoz

There’s that certain moment that just makes it all worthwhile. That second of utter bliss when that well thought out plan of trolling comes into fruition and the reactions start to roll in. We try so hard to hold it in but honestly isn’t it the best part? You know what I’m talking about. The part when we make that infamous face.



However just like Sun Tzu; the art of trolling takes a second to learn but a lifetime to master. Creating that perfect moment takes time and we always wish we had more of it. Cue in the guys over at Zuzoz and their Troll Zone.

Never heard of Zuzoz before? Well if you are a fan of trolling, Zuzoz just may become your new favorite web tool.

Zuzoz is a free Troll post creation tool that is a public platform and is available for everyone to use. Cutting down the creating time and beefing up the Trolling time!

And it’s seriously so easy to use!

The tool first gives you a number of categories to choose from with various trending pictures in of the topic however you can of course just choose your own photo by giving the address of the topic ‘bait’ photo you wish to use.

You then write that eye grabbing caption and description and then viola, you create your troll post!

On the site you can even check out some of the more trending troll posts that were built using Zuzoz.

Trolling just got a whole of a lot easier.

Check out the Zuzoz Troll Post Creation tool at:

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