Trolling Lebron Cav Fans

If you are an NBA fan of any sort then I’m sure that you’ve heard it all before. Excuse after excuse on why Lebron James didn’t win this year or perhaps arguments of why he is the best of all time.

And man. Doesn’t it seem like at times that his fans are just so ripe to troll?

Well for the year 2017 and with the latest NBA finals in the bag and Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and the rest of the Golden State Warriors winning the series in 5 games, it’s definitely all celebrations in the Oakland area and most of the California area.

What better way to celebrate and troll at the same time with this “Sad boy LeBron” shirt from aimlessgoods?

Nice move Aimlessgoods. Nice Move.

Get the Sad Boy Lebron Shirt Here

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